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Marine Conservation Shark Onesie

Posted on April 07 2017

Here at Onesie Warehouse our ethos is to give back, that is why we bagged ourselves the title 'The charitable onesie company'. In everything we do we try to partner with a charity that can benefit from extra awareness and extra cash donations.

My love for sharks and the sea started from watching television and David Attenborough and after visiting shark bay in Thailand and Gili Islands in Indonesia without a single shark sighting I became desperate to see one... I didn't care what type.

After getting an invite from my friend Tina in Oz to visit Fiji with her and missing this opportunity I set Sale earlier this year with my partner in crime to visit one of the most dangerous... the bull sharks.



We set out with Beqa Dive, a dive school with impressive reviews to go with it. They are part of the conservation for sharks that stops villages ever fishing in the area. Tourists pay a levy which is given to locals, it keeps them happy and keeps marine life thriving.

We came face to face with around 20 whopping great Bull Sharks and one beautiful Tiger Shark. With a feeding frenzy taking place right before our eyes as we clung onto the coral below. Some came so close I wanted to reach out and stroke them- which is not allowed unfortunately! 

It didn't stop there though, as more and more sharks came in we ascended to be joined by a school of white tip reef sharks as well as black tips. We were spoilt.

Being part of something beautiful makes you want to continue the support; so with the new shark onesies we can now create awareness and keep more sharks alive. 

These onesie's fit Men, Women and children from 12 years old (S).

Get yours here today 

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