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Pikachu Pokeman Adult Onesie (Unisex)



Product Details

Pikachu Pokémon Adult Onesie (unisex)

Iconic Pokémon Character.

This luxurious, soft fleece animal onesie has a button up front, a padded yellow tail and an animated hood.

Perfect festival wear, you know it does get cold at night in those tents!

Brilliant present for anyone, good fun to wear for bed, parties, fancy dress and or really just for lounging at home. This onesie is machine washable, it's fleece, it's soft, it won't shrink or wear. A very good value and fun buy!

  • Unbeatable quality fleece
  • Silky feel
  • Bum zip, makes this toilet friendly
  • Slouchy fun design
  • Side pockets
  • Soft padded ears
  • Long Tail included
  • Animated and ears Hood
  • Button up front for easy access
  • Perfect for Children and Teenagers.
  • Elasticated ankle for non drag effect.

Size Guide:


Height ( upto )

Shoulder to ankle



153cm / 5ft 0"

132cm / 4ft 3"

96cm / 38"


160cm / 5ft 3"

140cm / 4ft 5"

96cm / 38"


170cm / 5ft 5"

145cm / 4ft 7"

106cm / 42"


178cm / 5ft 10"

158cm / 5ft 2"

112cm / 44"


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*(colour may be slightly different from picture).

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