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Crocodile Onesie Adult (Unisex)



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Crocodile Onesie Unisex

Adult Unisex Character Costume Onesie

 A real life Crocodile Onesie      #WOW  

This luxuriously thick fleece animal onesie has a button up front, a big padded green crocodile tail and an animated hood!

Perfect festival wear, you know it does get cold at night in those tents! A fun gift or really just for cosying up at home.

This onesie is best hand washed, it's fleece, it's soft, it won't shrink or wear. A very good value and fun buy! 

  • Unbeatable quality fleece
  • Bum zip for easy toilet use
  • Comfortable fun design
  • Side low hang pocket
  • Padded Tail included
  • Crocodile face Hood
  • Crocodile style sharp teeth design
  • Button up front for easy access
  • Crocodile spiky skin detail
  • Perfect for Men, Women and teenagers.
  • Elasticated ankle and wrist cuff for non drag effect.


Height ( upto )

Shoulder to ankle



153cm / 5ft 0"

132cm / 4ft 3"

96cm / 38"


160cm / 5ft 4"

140cm / 4ft 5"

96cm / 38"


170cm / 5ft 7"

145cm / 4ft 7"

106cm / 42"


178cm / 5ft 11"

158cm / 5ft 4"

112cm / 44"

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(Note this is not a Kigurumi brand).

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