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Onesie Warehouse is an online store dedicated to selling onesies for all. Including onesies for women, men and children.

What is a onesie?

An adult onesie or adult romper suit is from the term coined by an american company years back when describing a childs baby grow. Fast forward to 2012 and the adult onesie is big news in the UK. 
The onesies you can get now for men and women, teens and kids are certainly nothing like the ones you see on babies. 

The adult onesie has evolved. Mens onesies with a big chunky zip to the front with soft inner lining and a cool tracksuit look. Women's onesies in Pink, purple and teddy print to make her feel glam in an all in one!

Right now the onesie is the ultimate in chill out wear. Get home, have a bath and jump into your onesie. There is no better feeling! 

Celebrities have taken the celebrity trend on board and are wearing onesies. Celebrities spotted in a onesie in 2012 and 2013 are: One Direction, the cast of TOWIE, Cheryl Cole, Tulisa, Charlie Brown and even global film icons such as Brad Pitt have been seen donning the latest onesie trend.

At Onesiewarehouse.co.uk we think the onesie is here to stay. Onesies are comfortable, they are now cool and no longer a taboo and the new styles on the market mean that you can look great without compromising on comfortability.

What's so great about a onesie? A onesie is comfortable, it keeps you warm and cosy and you just feel utterly chilled as soon as you put one on. 

Onesie Parties have now also become ever so popular in the UK. With some people even wearing their onesies to the onesie party down the pub! Schools have been opting for 'Onesie Day' to raise money for charities.

People are seen wearing onesies for fun at festivals and events. Onesies for schools groups and races are now the norm. Even onesie weddings are not unheard of!

To answer the big question What is a Onesie? it's a super versatile, comfortable and cool garment of clothing without a waistband that will keep you warm but looking cool all year around.

We (onesiewarehouse.co.uk) promise to serve you (the loyal onesie wearer) for as long as you want to be super cool and super comfy!